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AniMot revolutionises the market through the interaction of smart components and a well thought-out warning concept.

The aim of AniMot motion expert is to provide solutions, innovative concepts and individual services for the safe road network in order to prevent wildlife accidents. We create a patented complete solution for all parties involved in wildlife accidents, such as road users, hunters, police, road maintenance authorities and insurance companies. This is to minimise personal injury, animal damage and high amounts of loss in the shortest possible time.

Smart safety

Additional smart features

  • Data logging and storage of poaching detection, battery status, temperature with time and date
  • Easy reading of logged data via radio
  • Adjustment of sensitivity settings, warning duration, etc. via radio interface
  • Functional extensions possible at any time by means of firmware updates
  • Networked devices also enable a warning on the devices in front of the danger point
  • By installing gateways, all data and settings can also be called up or adjusted via an Internet connection.
  • An intelligent energy-saving concept and electronics design enables long maintenance intervals even in winter

Ready for the future: We see ANIMOT as part of an intelligent road network. Road to car-communication, real-time data capturing and much more.

Dipl.Ing Martin Schubert, technical management


Avoidance of wildlife accidents

The small, smart device can be installed very easily and quickly and serves to minimise wildlife accidents. In this way, economic damage as well as damage to life and limb of animals and road users can be avoided. And this is possible in any weather. If a wild animal is detected in the immediate vicinity of the road, Animot warns the approaching road users. This leaves enough time to reduce speed and the wild animal is neither frightened nor scared away.

The danger of wildlife accidents should not be underestimated.

If, for example, you hit a 20kg roebuck at 50km/h, this corresponds to half a tonne of impact on the vehicle.
At 100km/h it is already two tonnes.
The greatest danger here is risky evasive manoeuvres that cause a collision with oncoming traffic or a tree.
The legal consequences should not be ignored either. If, for example, you brake unexpectedly because of an animal and thus cause a rear-end collision, you may lose your compensation. Consequential costs cannot be ruled out.
Emergency situations cause stress and very often trigger too slow reactions, hectic steering or braking. And thus the wrong reaction in road traffic with incalculable consequences. Animot warn drivers of such dangers in good time.

This is AniMot

Sensor system

Patented sensor system for the detection of wild animals with adjustable detection angles

Light signal

Warning of road users by light signal with patented functional principle

Easy mounting

Easy mounting on roadside delineator with adaptive angle system


regenerative energy supply / maintenance-free


Dust and splash-proof / suitable for all cleaning machines


Highest demands on quality & reliability

  • Continuous further development
  • close involvement of suppliers and customers
  • documented research

“Animot wants to make a valuable contribution with its innovative, patented concept. Not only to reduce economic damage, of course, but much more: to minimise the damage to life and limb of animals, especially us road users to the best of our ability!”

Sabine Dahl, Managing Director

Increase in wildlife accidents

The risk of wildlife accidents will increase significantly in the future due to growing wildlife populations and increasing traffic volumes. Wild boars in particular are expanding their range, increasing the risk of collisions with large wild animals. Personal injuries are not only caused by the collisions just mentioned, often the driver’s behaviour also has a major influence on many accident outcomes.

2008 343

2013 410

2016 491

2017 587

Example: wildlife accident statistics Landkreis Wundsiedel

Source: wildlife accident report of police department Wunsiedel, 2018

Our partners

AniMot motion expert is already successfully being supported by many organisations. We would like to express our sincere thanks and look forward to further good cooperation, as well as great research results.