SMT in wildlife accidents

Security Marking Tape

In game accidents, the drivers involved can often only vaguely name the exact location of the accident. For hunters in particular, who have to search for the injured wild animal or recover dead game, this is a difficult task that is often almost impossible to solve. Especially at night, it is very dangerous for the hunter and his dog to search for the hit animal along the road.

Our marking tape – the Security Marking Tape – SMT – helps the hunter to find the injured or killed animal quickly and directly in the event of a game accident. This minimises animal suffering.

It is best to keep the Security Marking Tape – SMT handy in your glove compartment. Our guide will safely accompany you through the shocking wildlife accident. Finally, tie the tape to the nearest delineator so that it is clearly visible.

The Security Marking Tape – SMT is an asset especially for novice drivers.

Now printed on individually!

Would you like to give your loved ones, customers, suppliers, etc. support in road traffic? We would be happy to print the Security Marking Tape - SMT with your company details and logo. The Security Marking Tape - SMT is a special gift for safety in road traffic.

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