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We will be happy to send you videos of how AniMot works in live operation, from our dashcams – on request.

Animot is the enhanced eye of the road user. Animot does not start with the unpredictable wild animal, like many other wildlife accident measures, but with the predictable road user. It is flexibly mounted on the delineator and detects game at the roadside. In case of wild animals in the vicinity, AniMot emits an orange warning light to the road user. In this way, the road user is warned of the danger of game and can react and reduce speed. AniMot uses a novel and patented system that uses sensors developed from scratch. Only when live objects enter the detection field do the sensors strike. The combination of resistant materials, smart electronics and simple swarm intelligence make the system so unique.

AniMot has been visually adapted to the delineators and is therefore also white. The discreet elements are quickly mounted at the top of the post. They are completely weatherproof and energy self-sufficient thanks to solar cells. If the wildlife hot spot changes, the AniMot can be remounted in a few minutes and is thus completely flexible. AniMot makes no noise and thus disturbs neither grazing animals nor wild animals or residents.

AniMot is an acronym made up of “AnimalMotion” and “AnyMotion”.

Game accidents are rising and rising – tragically, so are personal injuries as the big game population rises as well. But that’s where we come in! We place AniMot on the road as a long-term, successful and life-saving tool to minimise the damage to life and limb of the animals and especially to us road. We have a firm plan to make AniMot available on a large scale at animal crossing hotspots.

Neunkirchen, May 2022

Press statement

Since the beginning of the development, a lot of experience could be gained, teething problems could be cured and Animot could be adapted more precisely to different regions and influences. The company AniMot motion expert is now pleased to be able to use AniMot on wildlife hot spots as an additional eye for the road user.

Tests and further developments under real conditions were important: Especially in this area of life, where nature meets technology, data and research are subject to numerous influences and constant change. Factors such as weather, season, population growth, etc. play a major role, all parameters that are never quite the same and are also not tangible in the laboratory. In addition, traffic psychology also plays an incredibly important role in real road traffic, which is why this test track phase and lifelike conditions were and are an indispensable tool in the further development and improvement of Animot.

Numbers did not play a role at the time of the test tracks. Animot was in the phase where they were gathering basic knowledge, carrying out tests and adjusting parameters. The facts and figures obtained so far reflect only a small part of the development.

In Switzerland, among other countries, the system is already in use and very good results are being achieved.

Teststreckeneröffnung Feb 2019 mit bayr. Verkehrsminister Reichhart an der B15 Landshut/Erding
Teststreckeneröffnung Feb. 2019 mit Staatssekretär Eck in B303 Schonungen bei Schweinfurt

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